Photography Lynn Lane

Photography Lynn Lane

Is it you or me?

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Soft Jaw

Soft Jaw featured original dance work by Jacquelyne Boe in collaboration with composer Jeremy Nuncio. A series of solos, duets and trios, inspired were by and in conversation with the installation of Visual Artist Alex Goss.

Perspective Exchange

Cross Country Collaboration by choreographers from New York, San Fransisco, Denver and Houston. 

COLOR  2.0

An Intimate Performance / Experience
Date: February 2nd and 3rd, 2018
Location: Flatland Gallery 1709 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77006


Primeired at Flatland Gallery on Decemeber 1st and 2nd, 2017 

"We mostly know Boe as one of the city’s finest contemporary dancers, but here she shows us that she is also an adept dancemaker. And it was perhaps her highly nuanced movement choices that made Color sing. That and Jeremy Nuncio’s original and evocative electronic score." 

— Nancy Wozny, editor in chief at Arts and Culture Texas, a contributing editor at Dance Magazine and a frequent contributor to Pointe Magazineand Dance Teacher.


Primeired at the Dance Source Houston 2017 Mind the Gap  and was performed at Creative Minds Collaborative at Vault 


Primeired at the 2017 JCC Dance month Choreographers X6 program


Premired at the SUGA Art Gallery and performed at the Dance Source Houston 2016 Barnstorm dance festival.  

“Great talent, unique venue, thought-provoking show. I wished I could have seen it all going on all at once, but having dancers in separate rooms at the same time left it suspenseful... kept wondering what was coming next through the door openings.”

— Frequency audience member Alissa Faircloth

Photography Leticia London

Photography Leticia London


Premiered at the SUGA Art Gallery, Houston, TX in 2016 


VauLt Houston in mixed repertoire performance Colluvia, Houston, TX 2016

Premiered at Denver Dance Collective in Denver, CO in 2015. 

Jacquelyne Boe's solo soars thourgh a journey that is fresh and yet brings to mind a commanding young Doris Humphrey" - Karen Stokes