These Health Conscious Parents feel at Home with dōTERRA

Brad and Dawna Toews were forced to become health-conscious parents when their six year-old son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that attacked his kidneys. Not only were they forced to think about the health of their child, but they also became more aware of their own health, and the wellbeing of their other children. There are over 80 different types of autoimmune diseases, some of the most common being Lupus, Type 1 diabetes, and MS [1]. Though this experience was frightening, their son overcame his autoimmune disease, and Brad and Dawna remained committed to protecting their family’s health.

As a health-conscious couple, doTERRA® grabbed the Toewses attention from the get-go. They had used essential oils before, but when they were first introduced to doTERRA, they noticed a level of quality in the products that they hadn’t seen before. As Dawna learned about the science behind essential oils, she became more intrigued. At the time, she was a health coach so the transition into the doTERRA business came naturally to her, and she was very enthusiastic from the beginning.

Brad was hesitant at first, but once he started to see the progress and money that Dawna was making after only a few months, he started coming around to the idea. Dawna says that Diamond was her goal from day one, and this thought drove her to work hard. She tries to remind others that doTERRA is not a “get rich quick” business and that it’s necessary to work hard, especially in the beginning. “You won’t get that residual income and time freedom in the very first month. You have to work hard for what you want, and the rewards will meet you.”

With Dawna’s experience as a health coach and their focus on family health, she and Brad try to take an educational approach to their business, rather than straight selling. Dawna points out that selling is deeply embedded in Western culture, so it is hard for people to imagine just sharing rather than selling. She says, “This is about educating people and helping them to step out of that small little box that our culture has created for us.”

Along with educating people, the Teowses believe that sharing their personal doTERRA journey with others makes a big difference when it comes to making connections. Sharing their story (and the stories of others) is a powerful tool that Dawna and Brad recommend to other Wellness Advocates who are looking to make connections with potential clients.

Their desire to maintain a healthy family made Brad and Dawna prime candidates for succeeding with doTERRA. Brad says, “doTERRA has become a platform for us to move forward in the things that we were already passionate about. It was a natural fit, since we wanted to help, educate, and really empower people. doTERRA certainly endorses a foundation of good health—something that was close to our heart.”

Jacquelyne Boe